November 3, 2015

Are they really mental health issues?

Why I think many common “mental health issues” are actually gut or second brain issues.

“In my opinion we need to change the way we diagnose and treat so many common ailments like anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, OCD and anorexia. In my opinion these are primary caused by gluten binding to the gut. They are gut problems and the first step in solving these common problems is to have a zero gluten diet.

If you don’t “feel right” then why do most people automatically turn to the brain for the solution? The brain doesn’t feel anything. You “feel things” in your gut.

Once gluten irritates or impacts the gut then the gut sends scrambled information to the brain. The brain simply processes the aberrant information.

Yes you need to help the brain and thats fairly straight forward using processes like NLP and hypnosis etc. However that’s after you correct the gut function and this starts by having zero gluten in your diet.” Clayton Perks

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