Pilot Testimonial

A pilot was grounded for 6 years after he developed a phobia of heights and flying after an aircraft crash involving a colleague. With Clayton’s help, he has now returned to full employment as a pilot after we worked together on 3 training sessions. Here is his story in his own words… Hi Clayton, Well […]

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Zero Gluten Testimonial #1

I thought that turning 50 was a reasonable excuse for putting on a bit of weight and experiencing general aches and pains, in my case back pain, but it doesn’t have to be. I’d been on some NLP training, where the trainer talked bout the ‘positive power’ of language and the importance of diet and […]

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Zero Gluten Testimonial #2

“Yes, Going Gluten Free changed my life.” “For the better?” “You bet!” Years and years of fad diets Fits and starts of fitness programs and juggling life’s many other demands saw me to the age of 50 years, overweight, tired, despondent and frustrated. Fortunately my life in general has been blessed with good fortune in […]

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