February 22, 2013

Corporate Testimonial

Joe Ferry-Gibson, AXA Insurance, Australia

Dr Clayton Perks is the type of consultant that other consultants call when they want “real time skills and effective change”.

Clayton as an Executive Coach, Consultant and Facilitator enables individuals and organizations to go beyond limitations and barriers.

His approach is different as he knows Executives generally don’t need the 80’s mantra of “more motivation now” they want to solve problems, make money, have good times with family, have clear thinking, dissolve stress and be successful.

Clayton knows about the trials and tribulations of Executive stress.

An entrepreneur, he has built the biggest and most flourishing Chiropractic and Wellness Clinics in Europe. He knows all about pressure too.

He had to use all his “nouse and street smarts” to manage 2 years of massive stress while he renegotiated loans worth millions of Euros to keep his businesses running and… did it.

So he has real time experience and knows about “skin in the game”.

A Chiropractor by profession he has synthesised his knowledge of the nervous system and how it works with innovative behavioural technologies that he learnt as apprentice to Richard Bandler.

Described by some as the “Lionel Logue of Change”, Clayton gets results with practical approaches that you can use immediately.

So if you want to smash stress, think clearly, become a problem solving machine and “be your best self” contact Clayton Perks Change Agency today.

Joe Ferry-Gibson, AXA Australia

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