February 23, 2017

Gluten, OCD, Anorexia, Bulimia: “Searching for Completion”

My theory is that eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are actually unresolved OCD that is then taken to another level:

[This is an opinion piece only. See your doctor before commencing your wellness programme]

Here is the process:

Gluten irritates the gut or second brain which sends aberrant information via the Vagus nerve to the brain.
There is a loss of clear communication between the gut or second brain (the organ that feels) and the brain (the organ that thinks).
Confusion and aberrant behaviour then develops as the brain is constantly overwhelmed.

Searching for completion:

The simplest way I can outline what happens is for the reader to do the following.

Shake hands with someone. Ok that’s easy. Now note that when you complete this task you get a feeling. A feeling of “completion” as the task is finished and the loop is closed.
Now repeat this but miss the other person’s hand. End up shaking fresh air as your hands miss each other. This is likely to produce an uneasy feeling as the brains expectation that you will actually touch the other persons hand is not fulfilled. You don’t get the feeling of completion.
Now shake hands with the person again, complete the task and the feeling of completion is likely to return.

What would happen if you actually shook hands, but got the other feeling. ie the uneasy feeling and not the feeling of completion? Imagine if each time you completed a task you never got the feeling of completion. It’s likely that you would repeat the task over and over searching for the feeling of completion. The person searches for the feeling of completion….. which never comes.

At this point the person’s behaviour may appear repetitive and unusual and the initial response is to seek counselling ie it’s a mental health issue. My view is that it is not primarily a mental health issue but a second brain or gut issue caused by gluten.

The OCD type behaviour may get more intense over time.

How does this lead on to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia?

Remember which organ I think is the initial cause of this sequence? The gut or second brain. What is the easiest way to impact the gut? Through the manipulation of food.

If the person stops eating the stomach mildly contracts and the person gets their first mild feeling of completion. They get a slight feeling of control and this is what they are craving. This then starts the process.

Not eating impacts the gut. Binge eating impacts the gut. Binge eating and then purging really impacts the gut. All of these behaviours impact the gut and give the person a slight feeling of completion and control.

The search for completion goes on and on through not eating binge eating and purging.

The first thing I do with these clients is get them to go zero gluten in their diet. I then use NLP and NHR to help them reset their thinking so they can start to rebuild healthy behaviours. The first and most important step in my opinion though is to go zero gluten.

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