Solutions for Managers

We have developed a programme specifically designed to help executives and senior managers function more efficiently and more effectively. By training executives to reduce clutter from their thinking …

December 22, 2015

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Back Pain Solutions

Back Pain Solutions Clayton Perks has developed a unique Wellness Programme Called “The Wellness Sequence” to help people over come long term back pain. This programme is not for everyone …

December 22, 2015

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Dr Clayton Perks – Chiropractor

Dr Clayton Perks is a chiropractor who started Glasgow Chiropractic in 1997 and is still delivering quality chiropractic service at the head office in Glasgow City centre. If you are looking for a sol…

December 12, 2015

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Are they really mental health issues?

Why I think many common “mental health issues” are actually gut or second brain issues. “In my opinion we need to change the way we diagnose and treat so many common ailments like an…

November 3, 2015

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“The brain is overrated…”

“The brain is powerful yet overrated. The brain simply doesn’t feel anything. Its life’s great big red herring. It’s feelings that drive behaviour. It’s feelings that pro…

November 1, 2015

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IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome is often dismissed as not that important. Its a bit of bloating, constipation, wind, diarrhoea. However in my opinion this is a global scurge that needs to be eliminated. …

October 30, 2015

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The Wellness Sequence

The Wellness Sequence has been inspired by 30 years of working in the fields of education and health care. I’ve spent many years travelling around the world finding new ideas from people who are doing innovative new things. New types of body work, brain work, second brain work and diet.

The Wellness Sequence deals with three primary components of wellness:

Clayton Perks - Chiropractor

Clayton Perks is an Australian chiropractor, teacher, entrepreneur, NLP Master and trainer with 30 years experience in education and health care. He is passionate about providing you with optimal function – physically, mentally and emotionally. He is the entrepreneur behind Glasgow Chiropractic, and has employed and provided training to over 200 chiropractors in Scotland.

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