October 29, 2015


Phobias are over blown distorted feelings. Feelings occur in the gut or second brain. The second brain sends distorted information to the brain and the pictures that people make in their head blow out as the brain can’t process the distorted information. There is a loss of synergy between the brain and the second brain. This loss of synergy is the precondition for most phobias. People often become phobic about very unusual things and often its unrelated to any significant event. People often have multiple phobias.

Fear of flying, fear of heights, snakes, spiders etc are set up by the reaction of the gut to gluten. This is the precursor to developing a phobia.

To remove a phobia we use the NLP fast phobia cure created by Dr Richard Bandler and we change the patient to a zero gluten lifestyle to rebuild synergy between the brain and the second brain.

Clayton Perks zero gluten diet

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