About Clayton Perks


Clayton Perks is an Australian entrepreneur, teacher, chiropractor, NLP Master and trainer with 30 years experience in education and health care. He has spent 30 years studying human performance and behaviour. Born and bred in Australia, Clayton played Australian Rules Football to league level and played U18 Baseball for Australia. He taught Science and Physical […]

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The Wellness Sequence


The Wellness Sequence: Brain/ Second Brain synergy and the zero gluten diet. Clayton Perks B.Ed B.Sc. M.Chiropractic “The two biggest causes of lost working days in the UK are back pain and mental illness including stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, loss of confidence, OCD and eating disorders. In my opinion these major health issues are […]

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Solutions for Managers


We have developed a programme specifically designed to help executives and senior managers function more efficiently and more effectively. By training executives to reduce clutter from their thinking and give them time to reduce stress, we reduce feelings of being overwhelmed which enables them to be more efficient and more concise with their thinking. It […]

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