September 12, 2012

Zero Gluten Testimonial #1

I thought that turning 50 was a reasonable excuse for putting on a bit of weight and experiencing general aches and pains, in my case back pain, but it doesn’t have to be. I’d been on some NLP training, where the trainer talked bout the ‘positive power’ of language and the importance of diet and nutrition which if supplemented with chiropractic adjustments could make you feel better, have more energy, lose a bit of weight and get rid of back pain, well it can!

So I made a lifestyle choice, I’ve gone gluten free, I avoid grains when I can and my diet now consists of 40% lean meat, 40% vegetables and 20% fruit, which is easy to remember and there is really nothing to count or weigh.

Being positive about this choice and changing what I eat has really made a difference. I should have done this ages ago, oh and its great not having back pain too.

Les NHS worker

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