August 22, 2012

Zero Gluten Testimonial #2

“Yes, Going Gluten Free changed my life.” “For the better?” “You bet!”

Years and years of fad diets Fits and starts of fitness programs and juggling life’s many other demands saw me to the age of 50 years, overweight, tired, despondent and frustrated. Fortunately my life in general has been blessed with good fortune in many forms; a wonderful husband of 31 years and 3 much loved and amazing children of whom we are very proud, happily enjoying a content and comfortable life style. However, from a self fulfilling point of view, it felt like, in my mind, I was a slim, healthy, fit and energetic woman trapped inside the body of an overweight, lethargic and very frustrated human being. Why was this so? Eating all the wrong foods, it would seem, over, one might say, the longest period of my entire life.

Being introduced to Gluten Free foods was the best thing that ever happened to me, coupled with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) counselling and training. Dr Clayton Perks, Entrepreneur, Chiropractor and guru in NLP and wellness care, motivated and inspired me to, at least try, this healthy, primal eating plan. And from the bottom of my heart, I can confirm that within the first 4 days of commencing, what basically is, an inherent, natural means of sustaining human life, my energy levels increased 100 fold, my spirit perked up and I was filled with enthusiasm and Joy with a feeling of vitality and vigour, which has spilled over into every area of my life much to the delight of my family, friends and colleagues. It’s now coming up on 4 months since this remarkable transition came about and I am 22lbs lighter with a spring in my step that had been missing for so long. I love going to the gym, where as before, this form of activity was a chore and an effort. After years of my husband trying to coax me to join him cycling for fitness – I suddenly cannot get out on the bike enough these days.

A M A Z I N G!!

On being asked if I would share my story, I felt it an honour in the hope it ignites a spark that may motivate others to take the first steps which will assist in taking back control of one’s life. NLP can help with breaking old habits and beliefs and once you get started on a Gluten Free diet – well – the results will speak for themselves.

Make a promise to yourself now……

Wishing you Peace, Joy, Happiness and health in abundance


Note : Please note Alice is a staff member

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